Tuesday, September 13, 2005

OpenOffice.org now to be LGPL only

The OpenOffice.org suite has previously been available under dual
licences - the GNU LGPL favoured by most contributors, and the Sun
Industry Standards Source License, which did not require all changes
to source code to be published. In the interests of limiting licence
proliferation, Sun has now announced that it is retiring the SISSL,
and OpenOffice.org will in the future only be licensed under the
LGPL. The change makes little practical difference to users of the
suite, but the developers who previously used the SISSL are being
asked to switch to the LGPL.

Gnome 2.12 desktop released

The Gnome Foundation has released the latest version of its free
software desktop and development platform. Version 2.12 is said to
incorporate thousands of refinements, including an updated default
theme, easier file management, intuitive clipboard behaviour, a
unified document viewer and an About Me control panel. There is also
a new services control panel and menu editor, and improvements to the
GTK+ toolkit include the integration of the Cairo drawing technology
from freedesktop.org.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

GNU GPL v.3 project launched

The Free Software Foundation has announced the GPL Version 3
Development and Publicity Project. This effort aims to bring together
thousands of organisations, software developers and users during 2006
to update the widely used free software licence. The current version
of the GNU GPL was written in 1991, since when it has been adopted
for the Linux kernel and many thousands of other programs, in
addition to the work of the GNU Project. Funding of 150,000 euro will
support the GPL revision project, which will be overseen by the FSF
in the US and Europe with support from the Software Freedom Law


Wednesday, September 07, 2005

No improvements with SpeedyAds

Current stats as of today are 60 views and 0 clicks!!! I have $15 of
credit waiting to be spent... I don't entireweb quite get the picture.

My keywords include: hosting, web hosting, cheap hosting, cheap PHP
hosting... I have 8 in total. So far only "hosting" and "web hosting"
have triggered the views... I guess one problem is that the top bid
for those is over $1 and I haven't bid that high.

Even so I have found another advertising service (oher than google)
and I have had lots of traffic from them without having to bid $1 per


Saturday, September 03, 2005

Don't use SpeedyAds from entireweb.com

I am using SpeedyAds and I am very disappointed in their service. I have over $15 deposited in my account but yet I am not getting any advert views/impressions. I am NOT talking click-thrus here, I am talking views.

The ad has been running for 1 week and I have had 8 advert impressions for keywords like web hosting, hosting etc. Can you believe it? I can't. I have written them two emails asking for explanations and soon I will go on the war path writing anti entireweb articles.

Are they really an advertising company?


Thursday, September 01, 2005

New business venture

I have started a new business venture... of course using Linux! I have finally decided to start my own Linux hosting company. Based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 we have PHP, MySQL, CGI/Perl and of course Apache.

You can find the site here.



Microsoft files XML doc patent in NZ

According to the New Zealand Herald Microsoft has applied for a patent where they claim they invented and own the process whereby a word-processing document stored in a single XML file may be manipulated by applications that understand XML.

The New Zealand Open Source Society president Peter Harrison said "It means if you write a document in Word and save it in an XML format, you have to have Microsoft's permission to read it or change it."

Errrmmmm... I thought the whole point of XML was interoperability. What next Microsoft invented e-mail!!! Obviously prior art should stop this patent being accepted.

I could make lots of comments now about Microsoft and their underhanded business tactics... I see today from the BBC that Microsoft seems to be falling short in its compliance with the EU anti-trust punishment.

For those of you familiar with Star Trek, one quote comes to mind "Resistance if futile".

We will see!