Thursday, August 21, 2008

Microsoft is profitting from Linux

As Microsoft is set to pump up to $100 million more in Novell for Linux, it's important to note that Microsoft is not paying off Linux - it's actually making money from it.

Microsoft isn't just buying Linux subscriptions from Novell to give's buying them so they can sell them. So that means for the past 18 months, Microsoft has been selling Linux.

How much Microsoft is actually making by selling Linux is difficult to determine but it could be as much a $99 million.

How much Microsoft is actually making is difficult to determine.

"We have purchased the Novell certificates, which enables customers to gain direct support from Novell for Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise and we take those certificates and sell them to customers," Susan Hauser, general manager for strategic partnerships and licensing at Microsoft, told"We keep the pricing confidential since customer size and opportunity pricing varies. We do resell and redistribute the certificates as part of our engagement."

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