Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Ubuntu 9.04 gets a codename: Jaunty Jackalope

Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth has announced a codename for Ubuntu 9.04, the version of the Linux distribution slated for an April 2009 release. And that name is Jaunty Jackalope.

Each version of Ubunty has come with an alliterative codename where the first word is an adjective and the second is an animal. Or in this case a mythical animal. 8.10 will be called Intrepid Ibex. And even though the codenames aren't supposed to have much meaning once the product is officially launched, many people sitll think of Ubuntu 7.10 as Gutsy Gibbon and 7.04 as Feisty Fawn.

Read more here: Ubuntu 9.04 gets a codename: Jaunty Jackalope

(Via Download Squad.)